Favourites in June:
Song: Bastille – Things We Lost In The Fire
Film: HTTYD 2
Book: Maze Runner
Show: PLL and Teen Wolf
"my poor mother begged for a sheep but raised a wolf"
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'magic begins'
'shipping starks'

Russia | 18

stark from slytherin

my love to AU and Crossovers is too strong and one day it's gonna kill me

forever in my ♥: delena, capitan swan, olicity, stydia
Сurrently watching:

Teen Wolf S4, Pretty Little Liars S5, rewatching Friends and Game of Thrones.

Сurrently reading:

"Marie-Antoinette" written by Stefan Zweig.

50% Game of Thrones
5% The Vampire diaries
5% Teen Wolf
10% The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit
10% Harry Potter 10% How i met your mother and Friends
10% The Chronicles of Narnia, Maze Runner znd TFIOS
10% Pretty Little Liars and Arrow

arlery сделал(а) реблог вашего фотосета и добавил(а):

Deepika as Lyanna? 😕

it’s adelaide kane as maria stuart :3

But we’re going to have a new code

Say it, Christopher. For your daughter, Allison

Dylan O’Brien → Suit & Tie

If you were a real superhero what would you fight for?

2x05 / 4x05


killian ‘i ain’t drunk enough for this’ jones


deanlirium      ✿